Anyone can put up a website and make it look pretty slick (heck, if I can do it, anyone can). Just because something is online, this does not make it correct. Print sources in the library can contain inaccuracies, but in order to get into the library, they must first be approved by an editor and often by other scholars in the field, and then selected by your university librarians. There are no such checks on internet publications. Therefore, do not trust what you find online, unless it comes from a trustworthy source (for example, the British Library’s web page, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s web page are much more trustworthy than Bob’s Art Page of Stuff I Saw in France). Be certain that you know the author of any website you cite, and the motivation for the site (i.e. to give information, to convey news, to sell a product, to convert new cult members – yes, I’ve seen those all show up on student papers!) Use your best judgment, but expect your professors to hold you accountable for your choices!

There are many excellent sites related to art history. I have collected a small number of these into categories. If you know of any other good examples, email me!

Survey of Doctoral Education, Art History Results
This site provides excellent advice, based on surveys of recent PhD graduates.

Jobs and Internships

If you are now thinking about applying to grad school, take a look at the job listings so you get a sense of what your options are!

Resources in Art History for Graduate Students
This is an excellent site, with up-to-date information on tons of jobs, internships and grants.

Career Alternatives for Art Historians
Yes, there are other jobs out there for art history majors! This is a good list of possibilities.

College Art Association Job Listings
You need an access code to get to the full descriptions, but can see what is out there without one.

The Chronicle of Higher Education Job Listings
One of the major locations for job postings, free for all.

Art History Jobs

Academic Jobs Wiki
This strange, slightly creep site seems to have insider info on many of the current job searches. I once found out the status of my own application for a job here, before I had heard from the department.

H-Net Jobs

Jobs Abroad in Art History – No reason to limit a search to the USA!

Neuvoo also has jobs abroad, and I’ve pre-loaded the search for art history. – for academic jobs in the UK. Choose History of Art in Subcategories.

Higher Ed Jobs

U. Texas, Austin’s Career Guide for Art History Majors, a downloadable PDF.

Internships at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
I interned at the Cloisters when I was in college, and it was wonderful! If you have any medieval leanings, give it a look!


Please send me your suggestions for these!

Bibliographies for the Study of Medieval Art

Online Journals of Art History
Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art & Architecture
Different Visions: A Journal of New Perspectives on Medieval Art
West 86th

The Forbidden List!

Do not use or cite ANY of these sources! These are sources that I see just about every semester in student papers, and they are just not acceptable! You will note that I have not made this links active. That is because I don’t want you going to the sites!

Crystal Links (
Sacred Destinations (

…surely this list will grow