DoubtingThomas.jpgWhen you think you are finished, ask yourself the following questions. Your essays will be evaluated with the following considerations in mind:

  1. Does the essay have a central idea that is carefully and clearly stated? Is it significant, interesting, and engaging? Does it take a stand and make an argument? Is it well-structured, with paragraphs that relate to the central idea?
  2. Are the interpretive points of the argument fully discussed and well-supported? Is the evidence appropriate? Does the discussion make the point clear without being wordy?
  3. How well does the essay succeed in going beyond the surface of the object or text to bring out underlying issues? Does the paper address the complexities of the object and problems in interpretation?
  4. Is the essay carefully edited? Is it free from grammatical, typographical and spelling errors? Is it neatly (and reasonably) formatted?

*Note – Your professors are all well aware of how easy it is to change margins and font sizes. Do not try to extend you paper by any such means. You are asked to meet the length specified for the assignment, but most of us would prefer an honest paper that is a page short to one that has been artificially stretched.